(myo͞olûr′jē) n.

1. Work done by, or concerned with, Eric R. Meulemans.
2. Practices or procedures to complement a life well-lived.

From the earliest days of my youth I have enjoyed exploration of worlds real and imagined, and creating those things from our own past and of times that may have been, but never were. These passions drove me throughout life, and carry me forward now.

I have been fortunate enough to share in these interests since my teenage years with a few close friends, so it is no more correct to say that I am “self-taught” as it is for any of us to say we develop in a vacuum. Likewise, these pursuits later informed my academic career, which has come to include a B.S. in Historic Preservation (Architectural Conservation) and an M.A. in History.

2022 Meuleurgy
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